10 tasty beer cocktails with no more than 5 ingredients!

Bored of sipping regular taste beer and want something new exciting mock tails that will not only quench your thirst but bombard your taste buds as well. We bring you with these cocktail made from only five ingredients which are easily available in your fridge at your dining table. Beer is used as a perfect base for any effervescent and refreshing drink.

We bring you 10 super easy mock tails with no more than 5 ingredients; read on to try your favorite mock tail so that it is very easy and simple to make.


• CITRUS FIZZ: all you need is blood orange soda, dash of angostura bitters, Belgium white ale and the most important ingredient ice without which no drink is complete. This drink is low on –alcohol which you can enjoy at the beach or by the side of pool.

• Chocolate mint porter: 1oz chocolate vodka, 1oz peppermint schnapps 10 oz of porter enjoy your favorite malt porter with refreshing mint and chocolate drink
• Caramel macchiato stout: 1 0z of khalua 1oz caramel vodka 10 oz stout, it is so light and energizing you can raise the toast in the breakfast too.


• Grey hound IPA: 4oz of grape fruit juice, lime juice just half of the lime 10oz California IPA and your grey hound is ready to tantalize your taste buds.

• Basil-beer mojito: it falls in between margarita and a mojito, this invigorating drink is perfect for summers and now you must be eager to know it will made. Here are the things you need to make your drink 1-2 slice of jalapeno, 3 basil leaves, lemon wedge 12 oz of session IPA.

• Better brass monkey:
this is a perfect beach side relaxation drink 1/2oz of lemon juice, 3 oz of orange juice, 12 oz of white American beer and few ice cubes.

• Apple pie cider: 1oz of caramel vodka, ½ oz of cinnamon whiskey and 10 oz of hard cider.
• Summer shandy: all you need is 1oz o f lemon juice 1 pink lemonade 12 oz framboise lambic and few ice cubes.

• Easy beergarita: this is one of the easiest summer drinks as nothing can be easier than this. All you need is these basic items for the thirst quenching drink ½ teaspoon of agave, 1oz of lime juice 12oz of corona, salt rim and ice. Mix all the ingredients, shake it and pour into your favorite beer glass to enjoy the drink at home.

• Easy michelada : This flavoursome beer cocktail will stir your palette in no time. Things you will be needing for this drinks are 1/2oz of lime juice, 3oz bloody mary mix, Worcestershire sauce hot sauce and 10 oz of Mexican lager.


If you are planning to through party, it’s just a casual hang out with friends. Try these easy to make beer cocktails and astonish them with these flavoursome drinks that can be easily made at home without spending too much money.

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