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About Copper Mules


Copper drinkware has been used for centuries. In ancient times, the people of Ireland enjoyed their drink by way of a copper goblet called an “escra”, and countless yogis of India used copper cups for ayurvedic health. American colonists drank from copper mugs, The Virginia tankard, to name one, dating from the mid-1600’s, and what was called a “flaggon” with its generous 3-cup volume. Fast forward to the 1940’s and the Moscow Mule came to town. A beverage, or shall we say a “cocktail” with a bite that insisted on its own copper mug. And what we now have, is the Copper Mule.


ABOUT COPPER MULES is a traditional family business. Mom and Dad handle most of the day-to-day, but the business also teaches our 3 children valuable lessons about service and how to treat our wonderful customers!  We are passionate about copper drinkware and we found not only a great story in the evolution of the Moscow Mule but an opportunity to bring it to market. Our beautifully handcrafted Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mugs play a key part in the enjoyment of these historically rich cocktails.  We currently sell in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Australia.  If you are from another country, please contact us at and we will quickly determine method and cost of shipping our mugs, tumblers, and pitcher's to your county.



There are TONS of recipes out there that play off of the Moscow Mule, and that’s a great thing. Who doesn’t like a little variety in their lives?  In our ebook, we include some of the most popular recipes as well as our favorites.  Give them a try.....Cheers!

The original Moscow Mule recipe was designed to bring people a cool, crisp and lively change to the whiskey and ale typically served in taverns, lounges and public houses back in the day. is honored to play a pivotal part in the re-birth of this wonderful historical cocktail and is pleased to say, it’s as easy as a/b/c. Let our video, with a talented floating hand explain....



You can now be part of the few who own and enjoy a refreshing change to the social routine, when you get your own set of the finest copper Moscow Mule Mugs on the market.