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About Copper Mules


Copper has been used for millennia as a way to hold a drink, to take a drink. In ancient times, the people of Ireland enjoyed their drink by way of a copper goblet called an “escra”, and countless yogis of India used copper cups. American colonists drank from copper mugs, The Virginia tankard, to name one, dating from the mid-1600’s, and what was called a “flaggon” with its generous 3-cup volume. Fast forward to the 1940’s and the Moscow Mule came to town. A beverage, or shall we say a “cocktail” with a bite that insisted on its own copper mug. And what we now have, is the Copper Mule.


CopperMules.com is a small, family run operation. Passionate about copper and barware, we found not only a great story in the evolution of the Moscow Mule but an opportunity to bring, to the masses, beautifully crafted Moscow Mule Copper Mugs that play a key part in the enjoyment of historically rich cocktails.

We are proud to offer our clients not only the finest in handcrafted copper products but support the appreciation for the most rapidly re-emerging cocktail experiences sweeping through the industry today.


There are TONS of recipes out there that play off of the Moscow Mule, and that’s a great thing. Who doesn’t like a little variety in their lives?... Some of the ones we’ve included on our website have risen to the top of the pallet podium, but when you’re looking to experience the grandfather variation, the original brainchild of two collaborative and creative 1940’s pioneers, you go for the Classic Moscow Mule.

A cocktail designed to bring the people a cool, crisp and lively change to the dense whiskey drenched and acrid ale drowned taverns, lounges and public houses. CopperMules.com is honored to be a pivotal part in the re-birth of this revered, historical cocktail and is pleased to say, it’s as easy as a/b/c. Let our video, with a talented floating hand explain....


You can now be part of the few who own and enjoy a refreshing change to the social routine, when you get your own set of the finest copper Moscow Mule Mugs on the market.

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