Custom Copper

What is Custom Copper?
Using The Mug, our patented copper mug design, we have the ability to replace OUR logo with yours.  Please see the pics below for examples.  We are making Custom Copper mugs for the Tun Tavern Philadelphia  project that is rebuilding the tavern where many organizations were founded including the US Marines, the US Navy, The Freemasons, and others.  By using their logs, and embossing it into pure brass, we then weld them onto our awesome mugs creating something truly unique. The medallions pictured are 35mm in diameter and are an example, other shapes/sizes are certainly possible.

These make wonderful thank you gifts for fundraisers or customer and employee appreciation gifts.  If you are interested in having us create something unique for you, please give us a call at (737) 228-3322.  

The Process Details

Minimum order: 100 mugs
Orders over: 1000 - customized box is available 

Logo Requirements
High-quality single-color logo/artwork you want embossed on the brass medallion placed on the side of the mug. 

Please remember, we embossing metal so small/fine details will be lost.  Standard medallions are 35mm in diameter, but other shapes are also possible.

Delivery Time
45-60 days

A 40% deposit is required when your order is placed, with balance due prior to the shipment of your custom mugs.

We will email you a pic of your custom medallion for your approval before production takes place.

Contact us for more details and discounted pricing. 
(737) 228-3322