Our Story

Our journey began in 2015, sparked by our love for the Moscow Mule. As we delved deeper, we discovered copper's myriad health benefits. Copper, a vital component of life and energy production, plays a significant role in our physical and psychological well-being. This passion for copper and our commitment to your health drive our family business.  

What we make is less important than how we make it. Copper, the most recycled metal on earth, is the heart and soul of our creations.  Everything we produce is handcrafted by artisans with many years of experience who craft each piece a little uniquely, and we love that.  Our handcrafting, attention to detail, use of thicker and heavier copper, and riveting of our handles are just a few reasons we can offer a Lifetime Warranty on everything we sell.  Hopefully, you can tell we are deeply passionate about copper and equally passionate about serving our amazing customers, whom we have the honor of talking to every day.