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February 12, 2017


Why are Copper Mugs Better for Moscow Mule?

Why are Copper Mugs Better for Moscow Mule?


Meta: Moscow Mule is both the name of a mixed vodka drink and the ingenious copper mug it is served in.


Moscow mule (the drink) and Moscow mule (the copper mug) are the best partners when it comes to this wonderful alcoholic drink that's enjoyed by many. Although the origin of the drink's name is murky, what's clear is that it is the product of three desperate people trying to move their separate products in the 1940s. They were England-born John G. Martin of G.F. Heublein Brothers, Inc. who just bought the French Smirnoff Vodka distillery; Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock'n Bull restaurant who wanted to sell his ginger beer concoction and Sophie Berezinski, a Russian immigrant whose family owned a copper factory, where she worked ever since she was a child. She brought with her around 2,000 mugs made of solid copper. So, history was made by their fateful meeting, with the help of a very good bartender who mixed the drink. They marketed the drink extensively, serving them in those copper mugs from Russia. The name of the drink was randomly chosen, and one of the most accepted reasons is that the drink delivers a flavorful kick.


Why serve Moscow mule in copper mugs?


While the Moscow Mule cocktail has become a perennial favorite because of its zingy flavor, what actually makes it a standout is the exquisite copper mug in which the cocktail is served. It's the real signature of the cocktail and is a requisite for its authentic presentation.


Many people ask what is in copper mugs that makes it perfect for Moscow mule?


The topmost benefit of serving Moscow mule in a copper mug is how it keeps the cocktail extra cool for a long time. It's because the metal takes on the icy coldness of the drink and with the mug's rim becoming chilled very quickly, your lips will immediately get the very cold sensation as well. As the copper gets cold, it likewise insulates the cold temperature of the drink. With the handle riveted to the mug's body, it keeps your hand's warmth away from the container, thus the drink's temperature does not change.


According to connoisseurs, the copper mug enhances the flavors and/or characteristics of the ingredients in Moscow mule, which are vodka, lime and ginger beer. Many experts believe that vodka oxidizes the copper. It boosts the vodka's aroma slightly and enhances its taste. The coldness of the copper mug increases the bubbles of the carbonated ginger beer and heightens the tang of the lime while reducing its acidity. All of these combine to make the copper mug and Moscow mule the best of partners.


Lastly is the experience. Drinks connoisseurs understand the look, taste and feel of any drink is enhanced by its presentation, with the use of the classic glasses, tumblers and mugs that go with the type of drink. That is why there is a martini glass or a brandy snifter, a stein for beer, a flute for the bubblies and so on. Moscow mules were traditionally served in pure hand-made copper mugs back in the 1940s, and having one in a copper mug today is like experiencing a bit of history.  

October 08, 2015


Like a Moscow Mule? Try a Lavender Mule!

Lavender Moscow Mule Ingredients:

  • Ginger beer
  • Lavender extract
  • Lime, wedged
  • Mint, fresh leaves
  • Ice  



  1. Be careful when measuring the lavender extract. Start with a half teaspoon. It might be overwhelming.
  2. Pour the ginger beer, freshly squeezed lime and lavender extract over ice, then mix.
  3. After a few shakes, serve the cold drink in a copper cup.
  4. Put a lime wedge on the rim and fresh mint leaves on top.

Tip: Go for Gosling Ginger Beer… There are quite a few out there. But this one has a good tang :) 

So let me know how I came across this cocktail.

One morning, while nursing a hangover, I decided I quit. I won’t drink anymore.

No more heavy head. No more empty stomach through puking. No more embarrassment. I just have to stop drinking.

 Not even social drinking? Well… Maybe I’m lying there. I’m always gonna drink with buddies :) But I gotta do it right. Thats when I came across Moscow Mules. A bartender gave me a this drink just a couple weeks ago. Pushed it over the counter to me… And….


A drink in a copper cup was pushed over the counter. It has a lime wedge and some mint leaves on top.

I started tasting all the different Moscow Mule flavours. And I came across A rare version of the Moscow Mule.  the lavender Moscow Mule.

After three cups without feeling nauseous, I asked for the recipe. So here ladies and gentleman… here's a simple recipe to host your next guests with.

Got some stories? Maybe some recipes to share? Post it in the comments below and let us know!

October 07, 2015


Margarita Moscow mule… Copper Mules favourite drink for the summer!

Another refreshing and delicious drink coming from the Moscow Mule family is the Margarita Moscow mule. The classic Moscow mule is pretty simple… It is a mere combination of vodka and ginger beer. But for those who are looking for a bit more flavour in their mixology. We recommend checking out our different Moscow Mule recipes  to check out a wide array of flavours.. to spice up them Copper Moscow Mule ;)

Tequila and ginger beer when fused together, can make a cocktail that tastes chilled, numbing and most enjoyable on any day of the summer. Thus, it is perhaps a royal treat to its lovers… Anyways, enough with the chit chat! Lets get into the ingredients of this oh so rare Moscow Mule Cocktail… “The Margarita Moscow Mule”

Few of the ingredients of the Margarita Moscow mule differ from the previous drinks. Since it is promoted as ginger beer, I like to try and use materials that retain its ginger taste!

So let's get into it…


1. 4 tablespoons of tequila
2. 2 tablespoons of freshly extracted lime juice.
3. 5 spoons picks of ginger beer.
4. Simple syrup of 1 or 2 tablespoon.
5. Rough salt for lining rim.

Guidelines of Preparation

1. Take a glass and add some fresh lime juice along with some coarse salt. Although it is advisable to have lime in advance as it is also used for garnishing purpose.
2. Add the tequila, simple syrup and lemon juice and ginger beer in a big glass and stir properly. A cocktail shaker can also be used.
3. Take 2/3 cups of ice and shake the liquid strongly. The shaking process should be done carefully since it contains the ginger beer, which has soda in it. The liquid will erupt out in case of improper shake.
4. Pour the cold liquid in a glass and add some more ice cubes to it to make it chilled.
5. Garnish the glass by using lime wedges and snap the glass to make it look more attractive.

6. We do recommend to use a Copper mug for this cocktail, but it can be used without. Copper Mugs always help bring out the spicy ginger in those authentic ginger beers. We would recommend the original classic copper mug, sold here.

And VOILA! ..  Your summer drink is ready :) A Margarita Moscow mule is an ideal drink to spend summer evenings with friends and is enjoyable for most.

What’s your favourite Moscow Mule Cocktail? We at Copper Mules, would love to hear more about it! Leave a comment in the bit below or sign up to our weekly Copper Mules Newsletter...


October 07, 2015


10 tasty beer cocktails with no more than 5 ingredients!

Bored of sipping regular taste beer and want something new exciting mock tails that will not only quench your thirst but bombard your taste buds as well. We bring you with these cocktail made from only five ingredients which are easily available in your fridge at your dining table. Beer is used as a perfect base for any effervescent and refreshing drink.

We bring you 10 super easy mock tails with no more than 5 ingredients; read on to try your favorite mock tail so that it is very easy and simple to make.


• CITRUS FIZZ: all you need is blood orange soda, dash of angostura bitters, Belgium white ale and the most important ingredient ice without which no drink is complete. This drink is low on –alcohol which you can enjoy at the beach or by the side of pool.

• Chocolate mint porter: 1oz chocolate vodka, 1oz peppermint schnapps 10 oz of porter enjoy your favorite malt porter with refreshing mint and chocolate drink
• Caramel macchiato stout: 1 0z of khalua 1oz caramel vodka 10 oz stout, it is so light and energizing you can raise the toast in the breakfast too.


• Grey hound IPA: 4oz of grape fruit juice, lime juice just half of the lime 10oz California IPA and your grey hound is ready to tantalize your taste buds.

• Basil-beer mojito: it falls in between margarita and a mojito, this invigorating drink is perfect for summers and now you must be eager to know it will made. Here are the things you need to make your drink 1-2 slice of jalapeno, 3 basil leaves, lemon wedge 12 oz of session IPA.

• Better brass monkey:
this is a perfect beach side relaxation drink 1/2oz of lemon juice, 3 oz of orange juice, 12 oz of white American beer and few ice cubes.

• Apple pie cider: 1oz of caramel vodka, ½ oz of cinnamon whiskey and 10 oz of hard cider.
• Summer shandy: all you need is 1oz o f lemon juice 1 pink lemonade 12 oz framboise lambic and few ice cubes.

• Easy beergarita: this is one of the easiest summer drinks as nothing can be easier than this. All you need is these basic items for the thirst quenching drink ½ teaspoon of agave, 1oz of lime juice 12oz of corona, salt rim and ice. Mix all the ingredients, shake it and pour into your favorite beer glass to enjoy the drink at home.

• Easy michelada : This flavoursome beer cocktail will stir your palette in no time. Things you will be needing for this drinks are 1/2oz of lime juice, 3oz bloody mary mix, Worcestershire sauce hot sauce and 10 oz of Mexican lager.


If you are planning to through party, it’s just a casual hang out with friends. Try these easy to make beer cocktails and astonish them with these flavoursome drinks that can be easily made at home without spending too much money.

Do you have any Beer mixes to share with Copper Mules? We would love to hear about them… Simply post in the comments below to get involved in the conversation or sign up to our weekly newsletter to get free give aways, weekly recipes and coupon offers on our products!

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