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Simply the finest copper drinkware period.


Every copper mug design is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship, with each piece meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans. This dedication to traditional methods ensures that every mug is unique, reflecting the individuality and expertise of its creator. The process involves careful shaping, hammering, and polishing, resulting in a distinctive and high-quality finish that modern mass-production techniques cannot replicate. This artisanal approach not only preserves cultural heritage but also guarantees that each copper mug is a work of art, perfect for enjoying beverages with a touch of elegance and history.

NEW Single Copper Tumbler

Copper Mules Pure Copper Tumbler with Hand Hammered Finish - RAW Copper Interior for Ayruvedic Health - EXTRA Thick Copper - 14oz

Custom Copper

Explore our customized Copper Mugs for business events, customer gifts, employee appreciation, fundraisers, or weddings. Our Patented copper and brass mug with a custom medallion, as shown were created for the Tun Tavern project in Philadelphia, pays tribute to historical organizations.


Mug Set

The high-quality craftsmanship is evident. There's a pleasant tinge of metallic flavor (sounds strange, I know) that enhances the drinking experience. A thoughtful addition is the inclusion of leather coasters, which not only elegantly protect surfaces but also reduces clanging when I set the mug down.

— S. Lent


Excellent quality!
Great quality and definitely worth the purchase

— Romannie C.

Hammered Mug

I've used the hand hammered copper mugs every day for a month now, and I must say, these mugs are as practical as they are beautiful: great size, holds plenty, and easy to grip.

— D. Brandt

Water Dispenser

great water copper water dispenser

— Denise

Hammered Mug

I love everything! Beautiful mug, well made and comfortable to drink from!

— Marlea

Water Dispenser

I absolutely love this product. The quality is outstanding. I can tell it's going to be an item I can have for life. I'm likely to buy more as well. When I was setting it up and looking it over, I noticed that the inside of the can had a type of black soot as I was wiping it down. So a good quick wash with soap and water remedied that before starting use.

— Harmony

Single Smooth Mug

Hand-made copper mugs with unlined interior so that you get the benefit of the copper itself. Hard to find, but these fit the bill nicely. Just arrived yesterday - eager to put them into use!

— Cynthia

Mug Set

Product arrived early. Beautiful craftsmanship.

— Dawn

Hammered Mug Set

Great product for price. Love them.

— Julian

Single Hammered Mug

Amazing keeps my drinks cold plus I’m getting cooper in my diet!

— -Michele

Tumbler Set

Very nice copper tumblers.

— Robert

Tall Hammered Mug

Delivery was super fast- next day, and the product was in the excellent condition. This copper mug is a combination of good quality with health benefits. The raw copper inside the mug according to Ayurvedic has so much benefits and some of them I’m really needed. Thanks for creating such a great product!

— Aleksandra

Single Smooth Mug

1st Class Seller, Awesome Service and Shipping, Thank You So Much!

— D.R.

Tall Smooth Mug Set & Tumbler Set

we love the health giving nature of these drinking cups, They are beautifully made as well.

— Teresa

Mug Set

I appreciate the note regarding tarnish

— Mary

Copper Mug Set

This is really a great product to have I have ordered 2 packs and planning to order one more to make it 6. This product is not a cheap light weight copper . Also, as the supplier/ seller says, no coating inside, this is the best product for them who want to use copper for health reasons.

— Ronald