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The BEST Moscow Mule Requires a Copper Mug

Why does a Moscow Mule taste better with a Pure Copper Mug?


Meta: Moscow Mule is both the name of a mixed vodka drink and the ingenious copper mug it is served in.

Moscow mule (the drink) and Moscow mule (the copper mug) are the best partners when it comes to this wonderful alcoholic drink that's enjoyed by many. Although the origin of the drink's name is murky, what's clear is that it is the product of three desperate people trying to move their separate products in the 1940s. They were England-born John G. Martin of G.F. Heublein Brothers, Inc. who just bought the French Smirnoff Vodka distillery; Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock'n Bull restaurant who wanted to sell his ginger beer concoction and Sophie Berezinski, a Russian immigrant whose family owned a copper factory, where she worked ever since she was a child. She brought with her around 2,000 mugs made of solid copper. So, history was made by their fateful meeting, with the help of a very good bartender who mixed the drink. They marketed the drink extensively, serving them in those copper mugs from Russia. The name of the drink was randomly chosen, and one of the most accepted reasons is that the drink delivers a flavorful kick.


Why serve Moscow mule in copper mugs?


While the Moscow Mule cocktail has become a perennial favorite because of its zingy flavor, what actually makes it a standout is the exquisite copper mug in which the cocktail is served. It's the real signature of the cocktail and is a requisite for its authentic presentation.

Many people ask what is in copper mugs that makes it perfect for Moscow mule?


The top most benefit of serving Moscow mule in a copper mug is how it keeps the cocktail extra cool for a long time. It's because the metal takes on the icy coldness of the drink and with the mug's rim becoming chilled very quickly, your lips will immediately get the very cold sensation as well. As the copper gets cold, it likewise insulates the cold temperature of the drink. With the handle riveted to the mug's body, it keeps your hand's warmth away from the container, thus the drink's temperature does not change.


According to connoisseurs, the copper mug enhances the flavors and/or characteristics of the ingredients in Moscow mule, which are vodka, lime and ginger beer. Many experts believe that vodka oxidizes the copper. It boosts the vodka's aroma slightly and enhances its taste. The coldness of the copper mug increases the bubbles of the carbonated ginger beer and heightens the tang of the lime while reducing its acidity. All of these combine to make the copper mug and Moscow mule the best of partners.


Lastly is the experience. Drinks connoisseurs understand the look, taste and feel of any drink is enhanced by its presentation, with the use of the classic glasses, tumblers and mugs that go with the type of drink. That is why there is a martini glass or a brandy snifter, a stein for beer, a flute for the bubblies and so on. Moscow mules were traditionally served in pure hand-made copper mugs back in the 1940s, and having one in a copper mug today is like experiencing a bit of history.  

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